Rise Up For Climate Justice!

Taranaki is the ‘energy centre’ of Aotearoa and a major industrial dairy region.

Join Climate Justice Taranaki and a host of other social justice and climate groups for local and online actions during the COP26 international climate negotiations in November, to take direct action against major climate polluters and demand urgent, just transformation of government and big business.

Their demands are:

  • end extraction of fossil fuels;
  • ban industrial fertiliser;
  • end dairy exports; and
  • no false solutions (like hydrogen).

Due to the Covid-19 situation there will be an online webinar followed by local and online actions across the motu from 3-6 November. The national in-person event is postponed to Easter in early April 2022.

The two days of protest are:

  • 5 November: Parihaka Invasion Day – the day colonial troops invaded Parihaka after 21 years of bloody war across the country to take land and resources from Māori.
  • 6 November: International Day of Climate Action for COP26

Please check for updates on the Rise Up For Climate website.

Please note FFF TUI is not involved in organising this event, we are simply standing in solidarity with Climate Justice Taranaki.