David’s final week, picnic on Sunday.

The last few weeks have been extraordinary. David Goldsmith is in the final week of his hunger strike. Robin Treadwell will be picking up in his place. There’s been media and video, and many, many conversations.

MPs Chloe Swarbrick, James Shaw, Marja Lubeck, and Jan Logie came to visit. Prof James Renwick joined us for a long talk about climate science and activism. Tim and David even joined the Alternative Aotearoa for a quick cameo.

You can catch up with E Tu 4 Future progress on their website. Lorraine recorded a bunch of discussions on the lawn, with David, Molly, Tim, and others. These will be showing up on the Imagine My Relief podcast.

This Friday:

Parliamentary Services got in touch and asked that we vacate the space around Dick Seddon for an hour while another protest action uses the space. We’re grateful to them for bending the rules to keep David comfortable thus far, and allowing us to de-colonise the statue for the last month.

So we’ll see you on the North end of the lawn (uphill side, near the church). Just look out for the flags.

This Sunday:

Picnic for Our Planet is a gathering on lawn to celebrate David’s last day without food. He’ll be around for another week, Robin will strike for a time in his place, and we’ll find a way to continue. It would be great to keep a presence there up to the election, but that will depend on who shows up to join in.

There’s so much to do!

You can drop by at parliament any time now to bring your support. If you’re from out of town, please get in touch. We’d love to join forces with you and share our mahi. We could even stream our events if we’re around at the same time.

All around us people are coming up with ideas and working on building a movement. Of course everything around us is uncertain and of course the odds seem impossible. But we are gathering, listening, learning, and sharing.

David’s presence has been a real source of inspiration to many of us. I can’t wait to share the conversations that have been recorded with him and other activists, especially the mighty Molly Meluish.

KeaForum is now up and running: this will be a shared placed for activists to work online; it also contains a syndicated feed of climate related organisations around the country.

Thanks to all the hardworking E Tu support people. I hope you can make it by to meet them.

See you on the lawn.


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