And we’re back: This Friday, 12:00

It looks like we’re safe to return to the Lawn. Ollie once declared he’d eat some of the grass if the National Party leader came down to talk to him. A few days later Todd Muller did just that.

Around that time we also wondered whether the Nats were getting ready for a hard-denial approach to the problem, and at the very least Mr. Muller’s position at 32 on the list implied the party was still not treating the problem as important.

Now he’s is at the helm. It’s not clear whether this is a huge win for the environmental movement, but he does appear to be there for the discussion. His faith in unproven solutions like CCS suggests the lobbyists are managing to bend his ear.

But he’s not ignoring the issue. That has to count.

Sometimes, when I invite people to come to the lawn on a Friday and hold a sign with us they ask whether doing so is ‘productive’.

I normally reply that it depends on what else they were planning to do with the time. At this point I’d add: Maybe. Definitely, Maybe.

I talked with climate striker Sophie Handford who is speaking with activists around the country who are looking to actions on Fridays, so hopefully we’ll have more to share as the election draws closer.

In the meantime, I’ll be back at the lawn this Friday with the banners and flags, and hopefully, will see you there.

I’ve set up a Zoom meeting for Thursday evening, 27th May at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to attend, it’s just a chance to catch up and
talk about what to expect Friday.

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