Fridays for Future is relocating to Grant Robertson’s office

Seven Fridays for Future protesters standing in a car parking space in front of Grant Robertson's electorate office, holding flags and signs.

We had so much fun protesting outside Grant Robertson’s electorate office last Friday, we decided to do it again for the next few weeks! Tim paid for a parking space to secure our legal “occupation”, giving our signs and flags maximum visibility. It was refreshing to engage with the drivers and pedestrians passing by.

If you are in the area (220 Willis Street, opposite Warehouse Stationery) in the next few Fridays (between 12.30 and 1.30pm), please come and join us! You can bring your own budget-related climate protest sign, or hold one of the signs we bring with us.

Grant might even be there next time!

Protest action on Friday 18 February

While the Parliament Lawn indisposed, we are holding our Fridays For Future protests at a different site each week.

This Friday we are meeting outside the electorate office for the MP for Wellington Central (and Minister of Finance, Grant Robertson). The office is on the ground floor of 220 Willis Street (opposite Warehouse Stationery).

Let’s meet there at 12.30pm for our usual hour of protest.

We’ll have our flags and some signs, but bring your own sign if you like. Maybe on a theme most relevant to the Finance Minister. For example, about investing enough money into the Government’s climate policies.

See you there!

Climate Justice Hui and Potluck

350 Aotearoa, Generation Zero and the Fossil Free State Sector Coalition are collectively hosting a series of climate justice potluck events.

The idea is that we can get together, share our mahi, ideas and see if there are overlaps, room for collaboration, and just have a general catch up and eat some tasty kai!

The first potluck will be held at:

  • Aro Valley Community Hall in central Pōneke
  • 6 pm – 8 pm
  • Friday 25th February

What to bring

Bring potluck if you feel comfortable doing so. If you would prefer not to share food, feel free to bring something along for yourself to snack on.

The venue is vaccine pass mandated so please bring this along with you, and remember general COVID-19 precautions under the traffic
light system.


6:30 pmKarakia and karakia kai/ Welcome, grab some kai and
discussion of general kaupapa of the group
6:45 pmCheck-in and share a bit about yourself and the organisation
you are representing (if you are representing an org)
7:15 pmThoughts moving forward
7:30 pm onwardsEat some more yum kai and meet fellow climate
activists and organisers!

RSVP to Alana Kane (She/her) at

Everyone is welcome so please share with your networks!

NOTE: this is not a Fridays for Future event – but some of us are attending and maybe you will too.

We went online, at home and away

A montage of six climate protest selfies (in Wellington)

Because Parliament grounds were closed (and otherwise occupied), some of us regulars took our Fridays for Future protest online – from our workplace and from home. Nice selfies!

A group of older Fridays for Future protesters in Whanganui

Marcia from Whanganui sent us a photo of their climate protest. It’s a pretty good turnout!

As for what’s going to happen next at Parliament, if the Lawn continues to unavailable, we have a few options. We could keep doing our protests online, decide on an alternative site for in-real-life protests, or maybe even pick a different site every week. What do you think?

Fridays for Future going online on Friday 11 Feb

Photo of the Parliament Lawn without any people around
The Parliament Lawn just does not look right without climate protesters by the statue

This Friday we will not be at the Parliament Lawn – but don’t worry, we are still protesting the Government’s lack of urgent climate action. We’ll just be protesting online!

The Parliamentary grounds are currently closed due to the occupation by anti-vaccine mandate protesters. So, unless the situation changes before Friday morning we are protesting online, where ever we happen to be.

Please send us a selfie of you and your protest placard, and we’ll post it up on our website and social media!

Cycling for climate action

Photo of two members of Fridays for Future Aotearoa, wearing cycling gear and mini-Fridays for Future flags.
Dolf and Francesca garbed in cycling gear and mini Fridays for Future flags

“Cycling is climate action”, say Francesca and her husband Dolf. Combining their love of travel with a preference for cycling as a sustainable (and healthy) way to get around, these two are off on a tour of the South Island to see the sights and get people talking and thinking what they could do to reduce emissions and work toward a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike 25 March

The international Fridays For Future has set March 25 as a day to demand climate justice.

Profile picture for March 25th Global Climate Strike, showing #PeopleNotProfit over image of young person wearing a gasmask

“Climate struggle is class struggle, for years, the ruling class, primarily through corporations and governments from the Global North dominated by affluent, white, heterosexual cis-males, have exercised their power, gained through colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and exploitation, to destroy the earth and its occupants with no remorse.

They deliberately sacrifice the Global South’s ecosystems and peoples for the sake of their so-called “development” and everlasting “economic growth”. Meanwhile, the working class is used as tools to build the very system that is destroying them. “(As quoted from the Fridays for Future website.)

Here in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, our group will be protesting on the Parliament Front Lawn as usual. We’ll keep it simple, because of Omicron and Red. But we are thinking of doing more. Some ideas for additional activities include:

  • chalking messages on the ground outside Parliament and inviting members of the public to join in
  • having some picnic rugs on the grass to welcome anyone who just wants to relax and take in the atmosphere
  • making new placards
  • sending a letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about why we still need to be here nagging her government after more than 2 years

What are your ideas?

Photo of six members of Fridays for Future Aotearoa, standing in front of the statue of Seddon in front of Parliament, holding placards calling for urgent climate action
Fridays for Future Aotearoa on 4 Feb 2022 Never give up! Never say die!

On the Waterfront and The Front Lawn

Fridays for Future at the Great Big Waterfront Clean-up 28 Jan 2022

On Friday 28 January a break-away group from Fridays for Future signed up to the Great Big Waterfront Clean-up (organised by Museum of Wellington and Sustainable Coastlines).

Inorganic rubbish that is not disposed of properly (into a rubbish bag that is taken to the dump) often ends up in our seas, rivers, streams etc, and then either inside bird/fish stomachs or around their necks.

Armed with garden gloves, plus-size rubbish sacks and specially made “Fridays for Future” flaglets, we followed the instruction to go forth and pick up litter.

Earlier groups of rubbish retrievers had already gone ahead and filled their sacks with the big stuff. We got the low-lying junk clinging to bushes and hiding under piles of leaves – bits of polystyrene, cigarette butts galore, bottle caps, chocolate bar wrappers, clingfilm, unidentified bits of hard plastic, and a cute anxiety ring (that I will take home to clean and wear). All that squatting was quite the inner-thigh workout!

Early arrivals waiting for the rest of the group.

In the meantime, our presence on the Parliament Lawn continued as usual…

Holding the fort at the Parliament Lawn

I will leave you with a photo from the previous Friday, when an impressive family group visiting Wellington for the day joined us to show their support. It is always great to talk to – and pose with – anyone dropping by.

21 Jan 2022 – Joined by members of a Tongan family reunion

Have your say on the political donation rules

The Ministry of Justice wants to hear your views about possible changes to the political donation rules in the Electoral Act 1993.

For example:

Should there be a cap on how much someone can donate to a political party?

Should political parties have to identify donors for donations less than $15,000?

Should businesses be able to donate?

More details are on the Ministry of Justice website.

Consultation is open until Tuesday, 25 January 2022.

In tthe meantime, we’ll be on the Parliament Lawn every Friday!